I have to admit. I never really expected this stuff to get listened to. Isolation Sundaze is a collective recording project lead by Ann Arbor saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Lachance and Ann Arbor ex-pat and now Louville based guitarist Brandon Mitchell.

For many of us, Michael and I included, it started as a way of coping with the isolation imposed by that pandemic. Each week, some combination of 4-8 or so regular contributers get together and compose music. The process works like the drawing game “Esquisite Corpse”. Each musician has 30m in which to write and record a part of a song. That recording is then passed to the next musician in the lineup and they then have 30m to write and record a part. At the end of several hours of this chaos a handful of new songs are “complete”.

The results are posted to bandcamp with minimal editing.

Read about it here.